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baltbear on finance comes from the mind of someone referenced  three times by the WSJ in tales of community building, underground market manipulation and the story behind the story on given stocks.

(That’s  “the wall street journal” to you fox news watchers. Its also owned by Murdoch, so it’s ok to read it.)

He notes the most surreal moment of his experiences in the market which he marks spanning “being taught finance by  an insider with tino de angeles, to pulling into a truck stop where they were watching cnbc and hearing global crossing had just gone bankrupt” as being the moment at which the chief regulatory  attorney for the nasd told him the only guy who could answer a rather arcane but critical question about active vs passive control was indeed, not the sec, not the fed res, not the irs,  indeed, not the chief regulatory attorney for the nasd…but this “bear person” commenting on various yhoo stock boards.

because he’s not here to sell you anything, shill for anybody, or do much of anything besides work to shorten your learning curve in becoming a prudent speculator, he is quite free “to not give a rat’s rump about what either cramer or ur grandma tells you about how it actually works.”

Enjoy the ride.

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This post was written by admin on December 6, 2008

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  1. tom January 31, 2009 4:17 pm

    Do u know that a phone room is definitely working BTIM??? is it offshore?

    cause when they are done, its done….

  2. admin February 14, 2009 2:02 am

    well, let’s see, there was a statement made that somebody subscribing to an “expensive” newsletter had btim hyped to them. there has been recent comment from a self-styled hedge fund manager that he was done replying to people who preferred sec filings to cheerleading about kingsley etc.
    on btim? btim has been to my certain knowledge hyped in the past thru brokers that ended up chatting with fbi agents about their work ethics…”back in the day” like….not long before halloween ‘98…the split announcement.
    who was shorting 150k shares at the same time that off-reg shares were being created by $450k loan @ 6% to be repaid in stock based on some unannounced future trading average?

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